CRM omni-channel competition monitoring

The world's leading CRM competition monitoring platform

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Levels of structural competition analysis


Easy and fast recording of existing customer communication on all channels for different segments. Uncovering special features through integrated analysis.


Classification of the data in a market-specific context. Analytics and Deep Dives provide valuable insights into your competitors' CRM practices. Uncovering unused potentials. Strategic and operational derivations.


Optimize CRM and create potentials for success. Increase your conversions and respond faster to the behavior of your competitors. Building competitive advantages.


The interactive dashboard

Simple, structured, comprehensive - The interactive dashboard gives you access to all the reporting and analysis of your competitors. You can create deep dives at any time and use all created databases. All market data in one tool.



The simple multi-channel solution - Get access to your competitors' communications across all channels. Our interactive dashboard gives you all the important information at a glance. Do not miss any touchpoints.


Segmentation is the key to successful communication - Get a better understanding of how it works and access all the data on the segment-specific customer communications of your competitors.

Smart analysis

Get immediate knowledge - Benefit from the dashboard's smart analytics: Data and information are organized in a structured manner and presented in intuitive visuals for easy and quick reuse.


More than just data - You benefit from our know-how through systematic merging of information and industry knowledge. Our insights are provided in the dashboard and you can start immediately and secure the potential for success.

3 simple steps to success

From data to practice - Use our touchpoint monitoring at every process level of your CRM: At the beginning, in the operational area, through adaptation, in the advanced process through systematic optimization or in long-term planning through competitive strategies. Secure success potential on the market at any time.

Own competitive strategy