All insights in one system
Individualized and always up-to-date


Easy and fast recording of existing customer communication on all channels for different segments. Uncovering special features through integrated analysis.


Classification of the data in a market-specific context. Analytics and Deep Dives provide valuable insights into your competitors' CRM practices. Uncovering unused potentials. Strategic and operational derivations.


Optimize CRM and create potentials for success. Increase your conversions and respond faster to the behavior of your competitors. Building competitive advantages.


More effective marketing measures through competition-optimized CRM

Clear presentation of all relevant competitive data - At a glance Recognize communication priorities and understand CRM measures. Easily start your analysis and optimize future decisions with more information.

Deep Dives - always and everywhere

Take advantage of all the potential - Benefit from the intuitive databases, simple representations and clear structures of the dashboard. Design your Deep Dives in a time-saving manner - You can easily see the competition data and aggregations in detail.

Sound statements through clear facts

Speculation is a thing of the past - CRM Spy reveals the segment-specific communication of your competitors for you. Channel distributions, content and links are no longer a secret.

Securing potential and recognizing the intentions of your competitors through our insights

The most important market data on one slide - Gain operational and strategic benefits from the insights of CRM monitoring. Smart data combinations provide well-founded hypotheses on the intentions of your competitor's marketing efforts. Use these at all of your process levels and be prepared for the significant developments on the market.

Increase conversions - Understand the actions of your competitors better

Customer motivation is the key - through our data, you not only gain insights into the communicative design of the CTAs, but also benefit from our discount analyzes. The dashboard provides the foundation for true comparability - Use the structured dataset for advanced analytics.

Understand automation as a communication tool

The new standard in marketing - Use our data to record the procedure for automating communication processes in CRM and develop your own strategies to best meet the needs of your customers. Get access to best practices from a wide range of competitors.

Individualized monitoring

A customized monitoring - CRM Spy provides the right monitoring dashboard for you. We attach great importance to the fact that the monitoring is perfectly tailored to your needs and individualized.
Omni-channel monitoring
Industry-specific insights