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Leading companies rely on holistic CRM.
Because this is an unbeatable competitive advantage

The knowledge of the existing customer marketing of the competition belongs to the repertoire of every successful CRM manager. CRM Spy provides you with in-depth information about your competitor's CRM. In B2C, customers expect personalized communication. The expectations are determined by the best solutions on the market. Gain in-depth insights into the methodology of your competitors and optimize your CRM
How is communication different in the different customer segments? How does the competition praise different segments? Which touchpoints will receive who at what time? The CRM monitoring gives an answer to a multitude of questions. Use the insights to optimize and evaluate your own CRM campaigns. Increase your conversions and consolidate your customer relationships.

Even B2B customers expect
a high-quality communication experience

CRM Spy not only provides insights on CRM in the B2C sector, but also in the B2B area. Because here, too, a change has taken place for personalized communication. The goal is a 1: 1 communication. Companies are a collection of people and the decisions are made by these same people. In addition to the communication of the competitors, the expectations are shaped by the well-known communication from the B2C world.
A holistic CRM delivers strong competitive advantages. Leverage knowledge of your competitor's existing customer communications and consider best practices in your own campaign planning. Use the insights to take your own CRM to a new level.

We rely on strong partners

Become a partner and benefit from our CRM insights and expertise. Agencies and consultants benefit from our unique solutions. In addition to the data and insights on the CRM of companies, thanks to our CRM Data Bank, we can provide cross-industry CRM trends and access to best practices.
Together, we take the CRM of your partners to a new level and build competitive advantage. In addition, you benefit from close cooperation in sales and marketing.