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Social media competition
ads monitoring

Social Media Spy is your competitive advantage in customer communication.
Always stay one step ahead of your competition.
Continuous Ad-tracking
Monitoring of all distributors
Optimization of performance
Segment differentiation
Insights and trends
Cost and time savings

Competition monitoring dashboard

Simple, structured, comprehensive - All social media ads monitoring data is provided in the interactive dashboard. Deep dives analyzes and databases are available at any time.

Continuous social media ads monitoring

Create advantages through better information - CRM Spy captures and analyzes all ads of your competitors. Performance increases are possible through extensive data.

All competitors completely in view

Discover and analyze the relevant competition - Comprehensive monitoring of all competitor sites. Uncovering of hidden distributors.

Decipher segmentation

Identify successful communication messages - Discover the segmentation strategy and identify the used customer personas of your competitors. Learn more about specific marketing actions, design targeted countermeasures and analyze all segments differently.

Identify trends and successful advertising formats

Use smart data links - By merging multiple information points, you can quickly identify competitive trends and successful ad formats. Use the analyses for optimizing online marketing processes as well as for increasing your own ad performance.


More than simple data points - Get access to the structured analyses of CRM Spy and profit from relevant information on, for example, ad testing and cross selling methods. Gain future success potential through the knowledge advantage.

Your advantages

Use your resources more efficiently - Realize cost and time savings through the results of CRM Spy. You get access to the structured reporting and can initiate optimization processes without further efforts. Benefit from the standardized monitoring process of CRM Spy and thus a high validity of the data.